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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  October 1, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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roosevelt leftwich has more. >> reporter: you've got top understand, this is not going on by the hundreds. it's only two dead people voted out of thousands. the group said there's a big need for voter identification when people get on to the polls. once you've registered to vote in maryland, you are registered to vote for life or in some cases, it seems after death. the group said after looking at only a 1% sample of voters, some have been in the grave for years. >> two voters have died who voted after their date of death. >> reporter: in all they found 1500 dead voters in their sample. in their research they show that nursing homes and senior citizen apartments showed up the most. out of one with 90 people, 42
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were dead and the names were still on the voting roll. she things -- thinks most of this is as a result of bad bookkeeping. >> if the state board of elections are relying on the department of health and mental hygiene as the sole source of information, then why are we having all these dead people. something is not working. the state of maryland will not remove a dead voter if they die out of the state. >> reporter: there are several checks in place. baltimore city elections board said every year they purge hundreds provided by the state and requests by families. jones said they have to be careful about removing people from those rolls. >> if we're not notified from -- of a death, then the name stays.
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we used to get it in writing from the local court. now it's give tonight state and the state purges those names from the voter rolls. >> reporter: hey said they sent the -- he said they sent the results to the state but have not heard back about the findings. katie brown said they reviewed that information and have taken steps to verify that information and will act if they find any issues. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> a beautiful fall day. october the 1st. >> but little rain might be coming our way. look who's back. let's check in with chief meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> glad to be back from cincinnati. the purple was not popular out there last week. clouds rolling in, changing
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weather. we've got a night where we will begin to see the showers roll. i think we're good for the rest of the evening but a stray shower. thunderstorms as this large hear of low pressure begins to drift east. as we go into the day tomorrow and early wednesday, this evening 70 or so will fall into the 60s and the possibility of showers into the morning commute. we'll talk about how fast this thing gets out of here. all right. it's been 15 long years. the orioles clinched a playoff spot. abc2 news christian schaffer following the yankees. >> the orioles are here. they have taken the field despite that mishap with the airplane. they were talking about that in the clubhouse, a very relaxed
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team. here's what some of them had to say earlier. >> the first thing i heard, an emergency landing. it seemed like this was -- that was on the plane, cut through everything. i heard emergency landing and i woke up immediately. i was serious. i had a serious look on my face. i wanted top find-- to find out what was wrong. the flight attendant assured us that everything was okay. so i was calm. >> kind of fitting for the day. i mean, waited on the field to celebrate. didn't get a chance to do that. just one of those things. i think, if anything, it gives us more motivation to go out and win a division. i think we just need to stay focused on the task at hand and focus on our original goal. >> the orioles try to get another game on the yankees if
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they can. the orioles will not face the rays. aaron cook for the tampa bay rays. reporting from st. petersburg, christian schaffer. >> the orioles wrap up the regular season. if you still can't believe the o's are in the playoffs, just read the shirt. the hats went on sale today. tomorrow some of the other retailers should get their shipments, anything from the caps to the hoodies, to the t shirts will be snatched up all week long. the owner said he preordered a huge shipment about a month ago betting on 15 years. >> everybody's excited, getting onboard, even the gridiron counter part.
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we tipped our hat to them. now some of the ravens -- the ravens. it's all about excitement for the city. >> i think it's fun. it's kind of -- it gives more energy to the city to everything, you know, people on the street. we don't live here. we're out amongst the people a lot. it's a great topic. it gets people excited. >> everybody in baltimore has two teams tied at the top of their division. >> there's a lot to be excited. game mi has been try -- jamie has been trying to break it all down. all you have to do is head to and you'll get the very latest.
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>> shifting gears tonight, a teacher in anne arundel county was checking a first grader's homework when she found marijuana in east poamplet the -- east port. >> looks like some of it was in the child's binder. it doesn't say how it was packaged or anything like that and some of this was in the bottom of the book bag. >> right away detectives turn to the child's mother to see if -- what could lead to that. she is how being held at the anne arundel detention center with bond being set at $500. people who lived in an odenton apartment complex came back to salvage what they could. it took more than 90 minutes and
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60 firefighters to put this out. >> it shows the outpouring of love and support a your community as for you, military, red cross. everybody's coming through. it's awful that it had to take they like this to happen. >> the red cross is helping more than 20 families. they are trying to determine the exact cause. >> two deaths in two months adds up to to a $2,000 fine. the liquor board handed down the penalty after hearing from the owners of tee bee's. over the labor day weekend a security guard for the bar was stabbed and a person was killed in the parking lot in july. >> just talk to the community. we're going to do everything we can to pay void any problems.
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>> i think it was very nice for him to extend his hand but we'll have to wait and see. >> the hearing is only about the two homicides. the own are said he will upgrade his security. if you receive social security benefits, you'll want to listen up. >> the scam puts your check in somebody else's bank account. >> october is breast cancer awareness month. you can get some of your questions concerned. here's the number to call. we'll have someone taking the call until 6:30 tonight. here's the number, 410-481-2222. 72 degrees. normal 72. your forecast is 73. our two-degree winner is bill splice from baltimore. we'll be back with a look at the next storm system.
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that's straight ahead.
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the social security administration will be cutting out paper checks, going straight to your direct deposit. >> scammers are using it as an opportunity to steal benefits away from seniors. >> reporter: you go to great lengths your social security number. identity thieves are cashing in, stealing social security numbers from seniors and using them to reroute the benefits to their own account or prepaid cards.
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the inspector general's office has received more than 19,000 attempted changes. not all are tied to fraud. the social security administrator -- administration needs to do more like alerting you through an automatic email, letter or text. but how do you prevent it in the first place. be wary of anyone requesting for personal information over the phone. government agencies don't do that. you can tell the ssa no changes can be made to your account unless you appear in person with an i.d. to find out how to do that, just log on to our website, joce sterman. abc2 news. >> call the inspector general.
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you can find the number on our website. tonight's health alert. if you are eating healthy and still not losing weight, portion sizes may be the blame. sizes matter when it comes to your food. doctors say there are some tricks. >> take little sandwich bags and portion out all the portions ahead of time and put them in a shoe box in your pantry. just seeing how much a portion is rather than mindlessly picking at the bag affects it. >> using smaller plates is a good way. studies show the bigger the plairkts the more food you're going to put on it and try eating slower by slowing down. it gives your stomach a chance to tell the brain it's full. >> we've been taking house calls as we think pink for the month of october, breast cancer
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awareness. the doctor has been gracious enough to answer some of our phone calls. tell us about the call you said you got not too long ago. >> we had a couple people call in and asking what they should do about screening, when they should start getting brails exams. we have some recommendations for that. currently, we recommend you start getting screening mammograms at the age of 40 and one every two years depending on the finding. we had someone with a strong hex of breast cancer. her mother was diagnosed when she was 33 and she is currently 34. we recommend that you start getting your mammogram 10 years before that first diagnosis of cancer. so someone who's 34 with a mother diagnosed at 43 we would
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recommend they start getting mammograms now. >> sometimes the recommendations are changing. >> they do change. >> tell us about the breast evaluation and treatment program. >> the breast evaluation and treatment program encompasses our bemean in program. we have our multidisciplinary team of physician. that includes a genetic counselor a patient navigator and research nurses sincee have trials available. we also see a lot of women who have benign breast problems. patients who have breast pain or breast lump or problems with abnormal ma'am mow drams -- mammograms. sometimes they'll need biopsies or additional imaging. >> doctor, it's important for
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females to be in tune with your body because you have to do the monthly exams. what should you do at that point? eye recommend that a woman do a monthly breast exam. if a woman has identified an abnormality on their self-breast exam then they should contact their primary care physician. usually for their age they will be sent for a mammogram. if there are suspicious findings, then they will be sent to a surgeon after that. >> the number to call is on your screen. 410-481-2222. call and get your questions answered as we kick off breast cancer awareness month and the race for the cure coming up on october 21st. we'll send it back to the studio now. tracking a couple of showers
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beginning to show up south and west of the immediate baltimore area toward d.c., anne arundel county, a few drops hitting the outside windows. not a lot of rain nearby yet but we know it's coming. the clouds have thickened up. current conditions at bwi, 66 degrees with a dew point of 52. the air will be getting a little more humid and the sun setting. the sun sets before 6:50 tonight. how is that. sunshine over the chesapeake early on. the clouds thickening up. our view from hemingway on kent island, a view over the mighty chesapeake. ccbc. you see that change in the weather. havre de grace. one of the newest cameras on our
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weather bug. it's looking toward cecil county across maryland's most mightiest river. upper 60s in baltimore and easton and most spots have dipped below the 70-degree mark. winds are a little breezy out of the south. the area of low pressure begins to move in. right now the most significant rain in southern west virginia. the future trend model does not pick up on a heavy steady rain. there could be thunders late in the day. again, hit and miss showers. through wednesday, early. we think dry air will settle. no drastic temperature changes. our satellite radar showing the area of low pressure, not a
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powerful system, not a severe weather system. it's a large one and rain that's all the way into the upper midwest. this area is a slow mover, pushing some warm air ahead of it. we'll be briefly warmer and slightly moderate air for wednesday before another cold front mushes -- pushes in for the weekend. north and east of south america, north of brazil. 58 tonight. mostly cloudy tomorrow, 77 with rain likely on and off, scattered hit and miss showers, clearing out late. previously warmer wednesday. check out thursday and friday. sunshine on tap as we climb to near 80 degrees, a gorgeous finish. it gets breezier and cooler. i don't think we'll ever get out
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of the 60s. >> right after world news, stick around and catch one of abc's newest shows "the list." >> it's world vegetarian day. you have to admit, living around maryland can be hard. we have a survival guide, including crab cakes. we'll have the details tonight on the list. >> here's what's coming up tonight on abc2.
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let's ask the doctor one more question. have you seen an increase or decrease in breast cancer cases. >> we saw a decrease at a rate of 2% per year. prior to that we seen a steady increase. i think a lot of that had to do with an increased use of screening mammograms during that time. around 2002, a report came out about the use of hormone replacement therapy and the increased risk of breast cancer. at that time we started to sola decline and we think it may be used to the decreased use of hormone therapy -- hormone
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replacement therapy. >> the number to call is 410-481-2222. it kicks off breast cancer awareness month. i'll send it back over to the studio coming up in a few seconds.
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a little bit of rain heading our way. >> a beautiful sunday, finishing out the orld -- orioles regular season. a few showers moving into the area now. i think a lot of this hasn't touched the ground. so look for showers toward your morning commute. could be wet on the road. give yourself some extra time. other than that, we look for things to improve toward the middle part of the week. >> all right. we'll see you tonight at 11:00 after the orioles beat tampa. >> have a good one.
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